CREST to upgrade to 700MHz radios

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Feb 29, 2012
Looks like the time has finally come for CREST to upgrade to the 700MHz radios. Good for police, bad for scanner enthusiasts who will undoubtedly be locked out of encrypted communications. During a recent radio interview, a CREST board member said the entire system would be moving to encryption to protect operations, patient privacy and even fire departments would be encrypted too.

Our transit system also uses CREST radios, and will probably be happy that nobody will be able to listen in on drivers reporting high numbers of late/missing busses and passenger pass-ups. Everything is about to go very quiet around Victoria.

New radios on horizon for emergency responders

The Capital Region’s emergency communications system could be getting a major upgrade that includes new radios for emergency responders.

Local directors will decide Sept. 17 whether to borrow $24.5 million to upgrade the Capital Region Emergency Service Telecommunications network (CREST), the communications system for more than 50 agencies, including emergency responders in the capital region.

“CREST has just turned 10 years old and there’s a need to refresh and evergreen the system,” said board chairman Gordie Logan, a Colwood councillor.

Read more at: New radios on horizon for emergency responders - Local - Times Colonist
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