Crop Duster Crashes Near Greene/lawrence Co. Line

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Nov 27, 2006
Paragould/Greene County AR
A Crop duster plane has crashed near the Light Community near the Lawrence/Greene County Lines this afternoon shortly after 1:15PM, It is not known why the plane went down but the pilot was transported to a local store in loredo and then transported via ambulance to st. bernards medical center in jonesboro after being picked up by a passing motorist as he was walking from the crash site, His condition is not known at this time, He apparently cut himself out of the plane with a pocket knife. No other details are available at this time, The FAA and NTSB are expected in the area later on this week...More information at a later time as it's released..


The FAA will be in Region 8 Thursday morning to continue the investigation into the crop duster crash that happened Wednesday afternoon.

The plane went down just off of County Road 236 just inside Lawrence County, and amazingly, the pilot walked away from the scene of the accident.

A fire still burns inside a turbo prop ag cat that went down just after 1:30 Wednesday afternoon in this rice field.

The accident happened just off of County Road 236 just barely inside of Lawrence County.

"We're trying to talk to anybody that we can that can maybe give us some idea of what might have happened, " said Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigator, Captain Jody Dotson.

Authorities say they haven't yet talked to anyone who actually saw this plane go down.

We are told the plane is owned by Kin Co. Ag Aviation.

We are told the pilot's name is Matt Wheeler.

Authorities say he cut himself out of the plane with a knife.

"He walked away. A farmer picked him up, and took him to the O'Kean store where one of our ambulance services picked him up and rushed him to the hospital," said Captain Dotson.

Captain Dotson says the FAA is expected to be at the crash site early Thursday morning to examine the wreckage and begin the process of trying to determine what caused this ag cat to go down.

"Once they get out here tomorrow, than they will help us on the investigation and after that they will be able to clean it up," said Dotson.
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