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Dec 11, 2002
A family that survived the Castle West Apartment fire in Colorado Springs is having to start over again after their new home went up in flames Wednesday.

Colorado Springs firefighters have tamed a two-alarm fire at a home on Monteagle St. There are no reports of injuries.

At one point flames were shooting out of the roof of the home. Firefighters were ordered off the roof and out of the home, due to fears that the building will collapse.

Fire broke out just after noon in the family’s home in the 12-hundred block of Monteagle Street near Wasson High School in Colorado Springs. The Stahl family was renting and planning to the home.

While the parents were at work, a babysitter was at home with their 2 year old son and five year old daughter. A neighbor said he heard a loud pop and saw flames coming from the back of the house that were spreading to the roof.

According to firefighters, the babysitter called 911 and ran outside with the two kids. They were not injured, but two dogs in the home at the time of the fire are still missing.

Cheryl Cook is the mother of the fire victim, Lacey Stahl. She says her daughter and her family were forced to jump from the third story of the Castle West apartment fire in January 2007. Her grandchildren were caught in baby blankets. Her daughter lacey was badly injured.

Cook says, “These are the same ones from the Castle West from the third floor. She's the only one that was in the hospital and kept. She's got a steel pin in her arm from that. From when she hit the second floor. She broke everything in her left hand side."

Everyone survived, including one of the Stahl's dogs, a miniature pincher named Mitsy, who the family may have lost in Wednesday’s fire.

Caitlin Norton is a family friend who lived down the hall from the family in the Castle West Apartments. She says, "They already lost the dog they've had for ten years. I don't know what I can do for her. I don't know what I can do."

This was a two alarm fire calling 12 crews from the Colorado Springs Fire Department. They are investigating the cause and origin of the fire and estimating damage. But firefighters say this may be the second time the Stahl family has lost all their belongings to fire.
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