CSP Monitoring on APX7000

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It can be done, but unless it is done by the system owner, it would be done illegally. Regardless of affiliation or not.

With that said, I know where this is going. Closing thread.

Edit: for those of you that ask these types of questions on these forums, understand that I have received numerous subpoenas from agencies looking to track you down when they start to have a misbehaving radio on their systems.

Yes, we know that there are ways to program even the latest APX Motorola radios to simply passively monitor a system, but to do so you have to take a step which is illegal, and that is to obtain a system key for the system to program the radio. Once you take that step, either by having someone generate the system key or doing it yourself, you've opened yourself up to legal action by the system owner, Motorola, and the law.
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