CT and Uniden DMA scanners

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Feb 11, 2017
I consider myself to be a smart guy but I cannot figure out how this DMA system works in a Uniden 996P2. Can someone share a FreeScan file with me so that I can poke around and see how your is setup?

I imagine my scanner setup like this:
Quick Key 1 for my immediate town and its neighbors
Quick Key 2-9 for each county
Quick Key 0 for stuff i seldom monitor (rail, air, military, etc)

Within each Quick Key I want to have the ability to have certain CSP sites active. For example, my New Haven County quick key would have the G, A/I, and F simulcast sites enabled. How do I limit scanning certain talkgroups? Another example, the F simulcast may carry traffic from Troop E/K but I dont want to hear it while I am in New Haven county.

I also want the ability to turn certain services off within each county. Most days I like to monitor Fire and EMS but other times I like to monitor police too.

I would like some stuff like DOT to be scanned with each county quick key but again it must have be able to be turned off too.

And to top it all off, I would like the scanner display to have useful info. Some of the stuff I pulled off this site can be too vague to decipher on a quick glimpse.

I know this may seem more appropriate for the Uniden forum but its CT specific and there are probably people who have the same setup. Why recreate the wheel?? Thanks for you help guys.
Not open for further replies.