Cumberland County, TN EADS problems

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Dec 18, 2002
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Looks like this is a case of lets get upgraded,.. But we can't afford to do it all the way...

So now they have issues with patch-ins and lack of emergency preemption where one console would have solved at least 3/4 of this to begin with. Lesson - Don't go fishing when all you can bring is a foot of string and no hook?. As to the coverage... Perhaps the COUNTY should have done its own coverage testing not just go by the company tests? Don't most agencies/entities that are buying an wide coverage P-25 system do their own coverage testing in addition to the company that built/installed the system? Examples- Marion County IN- MECA ASTRO-25, MECA did its own coverage tests in addition to Motorola before accepting the new system. (still tweaking it to improve things)... MSWIN, not only is each phase being tested by Motorola, but also by MEMA, MDOT, and F&W.

OK off the Soap Box. Lets hope they get this figured out before someone does end up hurt or dead.


Mar 7, 2002
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The news article is as most are in that the details needed to understand the main issue is lacking.
More like the details were left out by the speakers. Who is at fault? It really doesn't matter. The
issue here is that the radio dispatch console is not functioning as it needs to be.

My next question is who is to blame for the dispatch console not being able to control the radio
system like it should. Again I don't think we can point a finger, except to say the technical
people that speced it and installed it should be drawn and quartered. Who in their right mind
would install a dispatch system where the dispatchers don't have priority? Point the finger at
the radio company and the people that installed the console. Make them fix it before we go
any further.

In reading more into the news report, I get the impression that the radio shop and radio company
are pointing the finger back at the county. If that was me in the middle of it all, I would plant my
feet and start some strong legal action that it didn't work from day one and make those responsible
fix it at no cost to the county.

Now with that said, I want to quantify my position some because again we have not been given
all the facts and information. If by some chance the county made the statement that they
couldn't afford this from the start, what were they told by the radio company as to how this would
work? What were they told the fall out or problems might be if they chose to take this route?

More detailed information is needed before us Saturday night quarterbacks can even start to
point the finger. Having been in this field for well over 45 years now, I think there is enough
blame to go around to all parties. However, I have to tend to take the side of the county and
demand that it get resolved at little or no cost to the county. This all should have been laid
out on the table at the start. Not way down the road.

If they are now having to rely on cell phones to dispatch calls, there is a good case to go
after a number of individuals here.

keep us informed of what the next step and finger pointing is.

"We've been having to use cell phones more and more on calls because we can barely understand what's being said," Cumberland County Fire Chief Jeff Dodson said.

Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN - Panel seeks recommendations for radio system


Feb 10, 2004
Grand Blanc, MI
Unless things have changed since I was visiting there, I would question the cell phones working, I was staying at an RV park in Crossville and could not use my cell phone unless I was on the top of the hill. Also why only two voice channels on the system? Crossville is not a big town and only came about because of the Norris Dam.
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