D.C.Public Safety Feeds/02-06-2010 Major Snow Storm In D.C.

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Oct 17, 2008
Douglas County,NV (4,859 Ft)
The Path Of The Storm Is Going Over D.C., Ive Been Monitoring The P.D. & Fire/Ems Feeds
And They Sound Excellent.
Iam Hearing Fire Apparatus & Police Vehicles Getting Stuck On All Unplowed Side Streets
And According To D-DOT Until Storm Stops They Are Only Plowing Major Roadways And
Having A Hard Time Just Keeping Them Open.
Hearing Several Calls For Help From Fire Units On Fire Feed To "Fire Ops" Advising Stuck
In One And A Half Feet Of Snow Chains Are Useless.
Fire Ops Is Responding Wreckers #01 & #02 To Stuck Fire Units (15:00 HRs Eastern + Or -).
Police Units Are Attempting To Dig Out By Hand.
The Storm Is Still Dumping Snow So Iam Going Back To The Feeds"Which So Excellent",
Im Watching Weather Channel On TV Also They Keep Going Live To D.C. And Interviewing D-DOT
And The Mayor Along With Video Of Area Near Capitol Bldg.
It Is Currently 16:00 HRs D.C. Time.
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