D-Star repeater K6MDD is an autio feed

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Jan 13, 2005
.For hams and others interested in hearing what D-Star sounds like the K6MDD D-Star repeater is on RR at: K6MDD D-Star Repeater Live Scanner Audio Feed

This is a D-Star repeater that covers a large portion of the SF Bay Area. It is connected, as many of the Northern California D-Star repeaters are, to reflector 014C. There are many nets on K6MDD including:
  • Worldwide DVAP Net Wed 18:00:00 Pacific Daylight Time REF014C
  • BC to SF Net Sun 20:00:00 Pacific Daylight Time REF014A (unconfirmed)
  • Hamnation AfterShow Net Tues 21:15:00 Pacific Daylight Time REF014C
  • ARES Net Thur 18:30:00 Pacific Daylight Time REF014B
Most nets are run through reflectors to attract broader participation and practice linking.

Pacificon 2011 D-Star activity also can be heard over this feed as they will be using 014C. Now, you can't talk via this feed, ya need the D-Star radio or a dongle for that. But, it's still fun to listen.

Oh, did I mention the IPTV show Hamnation? That's one of the latest additions to the TWIT.TV line-up of shows. Hamnation features Bob Heil - K9EID, Leo Laporte - W6TWT, along with a bunch of fellow hams, various projects, news, and events about ham radio.
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