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Dec 19, 2002
Spotsylvania County, Va

Years passed. It may have been in the early or mid-2000s when somehow it came to my attention that one of the significant changes made during a latest FCC General Menu Search website update now supported additionally searching Virginia for independent cities and counties separately. I just knew for sure that my old suggestion for doing the same from 15 years ago had been found by the FCC teckies and implemented the enhancement. It now would just be a matter of time waiting until I heard from the FCC by mail with a formal certificate of appreciation and dare I wish maybe a check for oh.... maybe $5,000 or maybe with inflation these days $10,000. I'm still waiting. I know paperwork can take a long time to go through the proper channels for approval. I just hope the end of my suggestion was not what when I was working inf federal civil service sometimes referred to as "File 13".

As a retired Fed worker I am very familiar with File 13. I had some of my own ideas thus filed, and myself have relegated some things to the same "folder". You are correct, waiting for any remuneration for putting that one in the suggestion box will be an exhaustive wait. :D But the bottom line is it got done because someone further down the road that cared to really look at it, understood it was a logical and easy fix and implemented it. As we well know, government wheels turn at a snails pace - unless you owe them money! ;)
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