DarkIce/CPU problem?

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Aug 7, 2016
So I have the following setup. Imgur

Raspberry pi #1 is streaming the scanner feed via DarkIce. And Raspberry pi#2 is feeding ADS-B data to flight aware.

Both units are apprx 15-20 feet from my router, and are giving excellent signals. However, when trying to feed the Pi connected to the scanner via WiFi, I was getting horrendous packet loss. 30-35% packet loss and disconnecting me from DarkIce, over and over. (This is why you now see a blue cable feeding the pi directly to my router in the photo above.) It solved the problem 100%

I tried several other Raspberry Pi's running this same program, and all of them had the same packet loss issues. The WiFi signal strength was always excellent, but packet loss was horrendous. Yet, the flight aware Pi sitting right next to the other pi has absolutely no problems feeding through WiFi.

This got me wondering.... Why the horrific packet loss only when feeding an audio stream/running dark ice?

The 2 things I thought about...

1. Could the high stream rate of an audio feed be causing high CPU usage and causing the wifi to struggle/have high packet loss?

2. I also considered EMF interference from the scanner, causing WiFi problems. I moved the Pi away from the scanner ( 10 ft. ). It made no difference. And , once again, the other Pi sits inches from the scanner with no WiFi issues.

For those saying it's a power issue, it's not. I have tried multiple known "healthy" power supplies/cables and it makes no difference.

Any thoughts?
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