Database Submissions + 800 re-banding

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Database Admin
Dec 27, 2001
Chadds Ford, PA
Hello Group,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the contributors for saving us admins alot of work but submitting information in the proper format, basically following the submission guidelines.

It really helps out alot (saves us time) and most everyone has been great about it the past month or so on the TRS TG's and frequencies.

Re-banding is upon us and we have had a couple of submissions of licensed freq's for PECO and others. If you do not see them in the dB yet do not worry, we did not lose them but are waiting for them to become active before posting the info so let us know when a system becomes active with voice. PECO in the Bucks co area was the 1st in the state I believe with more licenses to come.

Many people know this but for those who don't, freq's btwn 866 and 870 will generally move down the band 15Mhz. Here in SEPA most of the conventional users in the lower 800 band have been moved out to make way for the transition, a couple of cab companies in Philly are the hold outs.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Not open for further replies.