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Oct 29, 2005
Northwest, WA
Hey everyone,

We are seeking new and/or updated information for the Washington database. What we are asking is that you look at the Washington database for your area (and others if you wish) and verify what is there, and also, if you notice anything that is missing. New found frequencies, TGIDs, and systems may be posted in this thread as well.

Post you findings here in this thread so we can cross reference it before a submission is made to make a change in the database. You need only post changes or additions. Be sure to identify the County, City, Agency, TRS, etc. This is only for Washington systems.

Other things of interest are welcome, as well; such as news, maps, radio codes, diagrams, links, extended explanations of channels/TGIDs and system data, history or technical data on agency or agency's radio system, something you always wish was there but isn’t, etc.

Don’t hold back - if you think it might help or add to the database, then submit it here.

The goal is to make the Washington database the best database available, in any media form (print, digital, etc.).

Thank you from your Washington Database Admins/Moderators and

Note: we cannot guarantee that all submitted information will be added to the database.
Ok, i found this posted in a different State forum but thought I would post it here.

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