David Franz, WWRB


Jul 13, 2004
Burlington County, NJ
Apparently David Franz, owner of WWRB, passed away around the beginning of the new year.

I ran across this -- https://www.reddit.com/r/shortwave/comments/rz2a65 -- and I remember having several conversations with Franz during the time I was the WWCR Webmaster. I did no work for Franz, as it would have been a conflict of interest for me to do so.

The WWRB website wwrb.org has just a holding page, and interesting the 2020 WRTH had no listing for the station.

The only information I could find on the FCC web site were a few old construction permits.

Further rooting around in the web (don't ask me how I found this) turned up a message -- Radio Show Schedule | All Will Stand -- from apparently one of the buyers of time on WWRB, reporting a January 2 phone call from David Franz's son.

The local business website -- https://nicelocal.com/tennessee/business/radio_station_wwrb/ -- only has minimum data. The station is still sited at the airport as you can see in Google Earth.

As I write this on a Saturday night, an obituary search for Morrison, TN, turned up no additional information.

Time, it do march on.