DB Updates and Highlighting

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Silent Key - Aug 2014
Oct 20, 2002
Katy, TX
Folks, we have had a lot of discussion of late in reference to highlighting on the DB maps and not seeing any changes when following the highlight from map. As such please refer to the following before you ask any questions or decide to be critical. The following uses the United States, but others should adapt the explanations to your country's subdivisions.

  1. When any change happens to a county, agency, or TRS contained in state, that state will highlight on the main US map.
  2. When looking at a state map and you see a county highlighted, that means something has changed in the county, it could be a line item or an agency change, or a TRS for that county.
  3. If you move to the county page and don't immediately see a highlight, please check for changed TRS or agencies attached to the county page.
  4. If you still don't see a change, refer to the History page to see what happened. The history will reflect what has happened; however, some of those explanations are somewhat confusing so:
    • If the history reflects something was deleted, check against your individual records/programming to see what was deleted.
    • If the history reflects something was changed, but it seems to be something that doesn't make sense, just ignore it. (e.g. "6 frequencies updated, 0 frequencies deleted") It indicates something was done that has nothing to do with how it affects you as a scanner user.
    • If neither of these seem to offer you a satisfactory explanation, then contact the DB Admin that did the update for further information.
  5. Everyone, please don't clog the forums with your questions about specific things that you don't understand. If you are a long time user of the site and see something you are sure is amiss, then by all means let us know either in public or in private. If you are a newer user, please look around and do some searching before you jump to conclusions based on what you think is happening.
  6. Finally, it is likely that you may see many highlights on maps in the foreseeable future based on small changes or rearrangements of data within counties, agencies, and TRSs that don't really change things for the most part and may seem senseless at first glance. Trust me when I tell you that we don't just churn data for no reason, we really don't have the time to do that.
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