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Jul 2, 2012
In late 2012 I started work on developing a database program for ultralight radio dxing, for a couple of reasons I didn’t manage to finish this at the time and as such I didn’t do anything more with it until earlier this year.

Recently I came back to this project and I am happy to report that I have finished this and it is now ready for use, it is called DB4ULDX. As an added bonus I have also added a sub program for scoring my medium wave radio dxing challenge, this can be accessed via a button on the main menu screen.

The version I have loaded is the latest as of today and I welcome feedback and suggestions, it has a single entry which is an example of the information it can be used for. If anybody from Australia would like I also have a database file with the frequencies and call signs of all Australian stations already entered, I am still working on adding the remaining details for these stations as this will be a long term project.

More details and a download link can be found on my blog: Ultralight DXing: DB4ULDX
Not open for further replies.