Dead BCT15X and clones.


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Jul 3, 2003
South East Idaho
Hi. I started with a dead BCT15X and bent on fixing it I am now to a point of the scanner is fixed and functions well. Originally, this would not power up at all and checking voltages, the 6V regulator was being near shorted to 2.2 volts. Cheating that, opened the short and the scanner seemed to power up and work, but simply would not receive anything. Further tests showed no 20 volts from the DC-DC converter. seems this circuit failed and shorted the 6 volts that powers it. Lacking the tools for working with micro SMT, I elected to change out the converter with an outboard circuit, this was $2 on ebay for an adjustable no less. I pre adjusted the converter and installed, plenty of room on top of the tuner Faraday shield. wrapped in a foil paper and some double side sticky tape. Power up and all voltages check good, reassemble and checked operation. WX came in good and clear, scanned a few active frequencies and does just fine.
So people if you have a dead bearcat or one that seems to work normal but won't receive, it bay not be that bad off.
Applies to BCT15X and hardware clones.
There are thanks to a few here in supplying info and suggestions, they know who they are and have my gratitude.
I will be working up some photos of this fix and the discriminator output mod for piping to such as DSD+, DCS decode etc.
Thanks people.