Decatur and Morgan County Public Safety Feed

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Jan 6, 2009
Hey Folks,
Just wanted to let you know that I have finally gotten around to putting a feed up for Decatur and Morgan county. Here is the feed info: Morgan County, Alabama (AL) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on

Here is the current list of monitored freqs:
460.325 MHz Decatur Police Department (Channel 1)
460.450 MHz Decatur Police Department (Channel 2)
154.980 MHz Decatur Fire Department Dispatch (car to car currently on EDACS system)
451.025 MHz Decatur Utilities Operations
155.070 MHz Morgan County Sheriff Dispatch
156.150 MHz Morgan County Jail/Correctional Facility
453.050 MHz Morgan County Volunteer Fire/EMS Dispatch

For more detailed information including DPD 10-codes: Decatur, AL Public Safety Scanner Feed -

I have made a few changes even since posting the info on my website. I replaced the mono-band Maxrad antenna with a Jetstream JTB1 dual bander. I am very happy with the performance so far. The only issue I currently have with the feed is some occasional intermod. I have already attenuated the signal a pretty good bit but the Pro-2018 is still letting some through. I am hoping to replace it with a little better radio that will hopefully do EDACS so I can add the Morgan County EDACS channels.

Let me know what you think and give a listen when you have time!
Take care!
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