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Jan 11, 2005

Here's an interesting site that you may or may not be aware of. You run a small program on your computer that will send your firewall logs to symantec. They in turn will send you an email listing the various attacks on your system. After, you have the ability to login to your account and then submit an email to their ISP informing that the user has been up to no good.

Here is a copy of the log that I just received this morning:

Event Activity Report 6/27/2006 2:06:41 AM - 6/28/2006 2:06:41 AM GMT

Time of last upload: Jun 28 2006 8:25AM
Number of new events since last report: 908
Total number of events reported: 1105
Number of new distinct attackers: 115

Top Event Activity Since Last Report Severity # Events Last Event Date
Generic Connection Denied Event Low 908 6/27/2006 11:00:00 PM
This event indicates that an incoming connection has been denied. The protocol variable may either be TCP, UDP, or ICMP.

Top Attackers # Events Top Attacking Countries # Events Top Targetted Ports # Events 263 74 66 35 32 22 18

Canada 289
Poland 264
United States 7
Korea, South 4

445 (microsoft-ds ) 449
39804 (unknown) 263
139 (netbios-ssn) 68
135 (loc-srv) 51
1433 (ms-sql-s ) 50
4899 (radmin) 9
21 (ftp ) 4

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Dec 27, 2005
Might be interesting but in my case I use a hardware router that blocks incoming attacks so there's little or nothing for ZoneAlarm to log.


Apr 14, 2006
Lafayette, Indiana
What most people don't realize is that port scanning isn't illegal. Most of the ports that it listed are used by legit programs; ie MSN Messenger, ms-sql, netbios, loc-srv...etc Basically I would take the info with a grain of salt. You have to know what you are looking for in order for it to be useful. If you go and report every ISP/user that listened to a port then it's useless. Still it's interesting to see programs like this come out.

BTW...you might want to check to be sure you don't have 'Remote Desktop' enabled.
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