Definitive solution yet for no P25 Receptiion?

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Jun 22, 2017
Hi folks,

I am a brand newbie to this forum but have my Ham license and have older analog scanners so am fairly technically competent.

Today I just received my new Uniden Factory Refurb BCD436HP from one of our local specialty Radio Shops Read the Owners manual end to end, watched YouTube videos on the unit and still have this issue.

I started with the setup: installed Sentinel, Downloaded latest database, attempted to download latest firmware and msg popped that radio has the latest version installed, entered location via postal code, range, set clock, etc. Scanner itself is working but only picking up analog transmissions. Manually scrolled through all digital trunked Systems, Departments and Channels and am only getting silence. These Trunked systems are Toronto Police Service, York Regional Police and Peel Regional Police (Combined population served about 5 Million people) and getting no audio as mentioned on these Law P25 channels (or any other P25).

So, I read this entire thread and I am not sure if there has been a definitive solution yet to this problem?

Should I be getting another antenna for 800 Mhz band or is there a setting I may have wrong?

Please help,

Signed, someone who wants his new toy to work.


Not open for further replies.