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Delaware County P25 system & the Uniden 796D Sound Quality Settings

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Dec 8, 2002
In a house in Ohio
While I work today I got a call from a fellow member of this forum and a member of a medical helicopter company that lands where I work quite frequently.

We discussed briefly the sound issues some people are having with the brand spankin new Delaware County P25 800Mhz radio system and the Uniden 796D. This person stated where he works near the OSU Airport they have some very serious issues getting the audio to sound like something besides djhfsds jksdhf Medic jakdsflsdkfh jkh Engine sdkfhds jhf Fire kljshdfsd lh respond djfhsldkfl jkshdf 1935. He also tracks the system to the west of Franklin County and has the same issues.

After I got home today I plugged the system into my own 796D (which I had to use the manual to program because its been almost a year since I did any programming by hand into it.) All the talkgroups I plugged in are the Sheriff/Local PD and Fire/EMS/Rescue and City Fire. (No local Fire TG's)

What I found is the following: I live very close to Doctor's West hospital, so close in fact I can read the EKG print outs from the helicopters coming in to take patients in and out. I am using the 796D (duhhh that what we are talking about here) with the stock metal antenna and a magnet mount antenna sitting on a bookcase with a dual pig tail MaxRad 18inch. What I have so far in the sound settings is:

Low Mid Upper
433 1985 3442

This is my settings, the meter bounces from 0000 to 0025 sometimes but is pretty stable in the 0005-0013 range.

Fellow member WA8PYR, and I went up to Del-Co to listen and plot the system this past Tuesday, we both did notice one channel that seems off a bit in the sound. (I think it was 866.0875, but Tom correct me if I am wrong on that channel) So that channel could be off in the sound quality a bit.

Ok with this bit of help folks I hope it helps some of the people in the area to be able to listen to the new system. I think the audio quality is very very good. Through the real Motorola XTS 5000 walkies it sounds even better than a scanner. I do know for a fact the Pro-96 comes very close to the same audio as the real Motorola radios do.

Thanks folks hope this helps the Uniden members having sound issues.
Not open for further replies.