Delta County ready to go digital

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Feb 9, 2004
Keweenaw Peninsula, MI
County to go live with 800 megahertz system

Published August 30, 2006

By Hank Lohmeyer
Staff Writer
Delta County’s new 800 megahertz (mHz) statewide communication system link is ready to go fully operational.

Rob Fiedler, county emergency preparedness coordinator, says that after months of installation and testing, the $1.35 million local link in the system is ready for operations. Grants from the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Local Affairs contributed most of the cost of the new system.

There are three repeater towers that serve the county, and 53 hand-held radios costing $3,000 each will soon be distributed to first responder agencies in the county, Fiedler said.

The Colorado State patrol has been broadcasting on the 800 mHz band for several months.

Fiedler also reports that the flood plain study for the Surface Creek area through Cedaredge is finished and available for the public to inspect.

The county will be reimbursed $10,000 of the cost of the study by the Colorado Department of Emergency management. The study, which covers the area above Trickle Bridge, cost $7,000 per mile. Fiedler said.

He said that a grant application for $189,000 for a flood plain study and map for portions of the Uncompahgre and Gunnison Rivers in Delta County will be made. If successful, notice of the grant award will be made in mid October.

Fiedler said that Delta County has 18 dams labeled as “class 1” which are the most likely to fail in a severe flood event.

Also, the community fire plan for the cedaredge area is completed, Fiedler reports.

Since I spend a good amount of time in Delta County, it looks more and more like I'm going to have to get a digital scanner.
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