Denton County Simulcast - whistler tweaks


Dec 19, 2002
Posted in Whistler forum but it involves the Denton County system....

Hello Folks

My scanner: WS-1098 Tabletop

I am listening to the (Texas) Denton County P-25 Phase II TDMA Motorola Simulcast system. Notoriously difficult to hear even with the TRX scanners. Recently, I was getting garbled digital "noise" on many receptions. I own a Unication G4 for the car, my TRX handheld will NOT work well when moving down the road listening to this system. But at home, the 1098 works fairly well if settings tweaked.

My location is probably 10 miles line of sight from the antenna sites. Upper room in two story house, flat terrain.

I have found the following settings to be useful. FYI

DSP/AGC Gain/DAC Gain: Factory defaults

Dwell: 25 seconds. I know, crazy

Delay: 3 seconds

Site Frequencies: All frequencies loaded from Radio Reference, then NON-control channels locked out. The "primary" (RED) control channel was moved up to position 1, then the other control channels (BLUE) were placed in #2 thru XXX positions in the order I believed they belonged. This is NOT how the default import will order them, I had to manually do this. Not sure if this even matters but it makes me think it helped the radio process things.

AGC Gain: OFF. I tried it with ON and it really had no change, so I left it off.

Data Decode Thresholds: Low: 65 High: 90

these seem to work. I am eager to hear what folks are using for these Motorola simulcast systems.


I am using this antenna from Amazon ($10):


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Dec 19, 2002
Dallas, TX
You might be better off with one of those radio shack / retromix 800 antennas. Especially if all your trying to monitor is 700/800 stuff and no VHF or UHF.
Keep in mind the device your using isnt designed hardware wise to properly monitor a P25 simulcast system like Deonton but if your not between towers it should still work.