Denver GSA (Federal) TRS Updates

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Jan 15, 2012
Hello all,
I spent about a month keeping an eye on this system to see if there was anything interesting or new to be uncovered. Unfortunately, as many of you know, most traffic on this system is encrypted and the stuff that is not is usually not too terribly interesting to listen to. However, I wanted to share my observations just in case anyone else might be interested.

4400 FPS "Denver Ch" (Law Enforcement Dispatch)
4416 FPS "Guard Ch" (Security Dispatch)
4448 FPS "TAC 1"
4464 FPS "TAC 2"
7888 Buckley Airfield Control
9104 Aurora Fire TAC 2
9408 Aurora Fire Dispatch
10880 FPS Floor Wardens
11264 VA Police
11296 VA Maintenance/Administrative
12176 Buckley Airfield Operations

These are all the talkgroups on the system that are unencrypted. The rest are all full time encrypted. I realise that some of these are already in the DB, but I wanted to present a complete picture of just how little traffic there is to be heard on this system. There was mention of a FPS "Mobile Channel" that was a simplex conventional frequency, however I was too far away to get a positive lock on it when it was being used. I did have a flicker of activity on 415.500 PL100.0, but I can't say for sure.

Anyway, if anyone has any corrections or wants to add to the list please feel free.
Not open for further replies.