BCDx36HP: department/site quick key bug?

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Silent Key
Dec 19, 2002
Supply (Lockwood Inlet area), NC
I am running 1.02.07 and haven't upgraded so this might actually be fixed (maybe someone can confirm):

I added a conventional frequency via the radio keypad.

When adding it, I created a new conventional system and assigned a system QK of 0 and the radio advised me that QK is already in use (I knew that and it's ok - it's a trunked system - I want this conventional frequency to be enabled when the system is enabled.).

For more completeness:
The FL QK value is 0
The system QK is 0
The sites are in the QK range 0-35
The departments are in the QK range 49-65

I created a department inside that system and assigned it an unused QK (44).

When I start scanning, I find that:
(a) all of the sites and departments instantly got enabled (not what I wanted to have happen)
(b) when I attempt to disable selected sites and departments the radio always tells me I just turned the site/department "ON" (repeating the same input always returns "ON") *EXCEPT*....
(c) the conventional department QK (44) properly toggles with the words "ON" and "OFF"
(d) sometimes the site/department is actually being turned off (even though the radio's response is that I turned it "ON") but I think it sometimes ignores my request to turn "OFF"

Can anyone confirm this was fixed in the later firmware?

If not (or not known), can someone try a test on the new firmware and report your findings?

I'll give it a try on my 536 (current firmware) and see what happens.
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