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Dec 11, 2002
Denver 2nd Alarm | 5280FIRE

12/10 ~ Just after midnight Denver Firefighters were dispatched to a reported structure fire at 275 South Federal Boulevard. Chief 7 arrived at 244 S Federal and sized up a one story, woodframe tire store with heavy smoke and flames showing. Engine 23 laid in with dual 3 inch from Alameda & Federal while Tower 23 forced entry for a primary search. Engine 20 laid in with a single supply line from Cedar & Federal. One line was quickly placed into operation and compaines made entry through the Alpha Side, a back up line was also placed. Interior crews reported heavy smoke, high heat and no fire. Chief 6 and Rescue 1 on the Charlie side reported visible flames inside and in the attic, prompting command to order a withdraw at the 10 minute mark. All companies backed out and a PAR was completed while lines were pulled to the rear. With all hands working a 2nd Alarm was transmitted. An additional 2 supply lines were laid, Tower 23 & Truck 16 set up for aerial operations while two 2 1/2′s were also working. The fire was placed under control 47 minutes into the incident, 2nd Alarm units began picking up within an hour. No injuries were reported and investigators were called to the scene.

Companies On The Ticket: D07, D06, E23, E20, E11, TR23, T12, T1, R1 & HM1

2nd Alarm Companies: D02, E16, E12, E21, T16 & TR4

Special Call: Air/Light 8 & E5

A full gallery of photos by Eric Hurst can be found here.
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