DFW Area VFR Flying - A Video Walkthrough


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Dec 9, 2000
San Antonio, Whitefish, New Orleans
Here is a nice video walk through of me flying through the DFW area TRACON with a light sport aircraft on flight following. I flew from KDTO (Denton TX Class D Towered Airport) to KJWI (Mid-Way Regional untowered field) in this video.

The DFW Area approach controllers are notorious for being extremely friendly and accommodating to general aviation VFR aircraft. And you'll hear that. The vast majority of VFR pilots will never pickup a Bravo Clearance in their flying lifetimes, but I do it a lot. The workload is intense, you have to be on your game and juggle a ton of balls. Most VFR pilots don't want to deal with the hassle so they'll just fly without talking to controllers, but I enjoy it because, of course, I enjoy radios!

Be happy to answer any questions that you might have. But this might give you a good perspective and explain some of what you are listening to.



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Jul 3, 2003
I flew the VFR corridor LAX many times. In and out of Long Beach. In and out of SeaTac and McCarran (Vegas)
So I agree, all the controllers are way cool people with a lot of patience.
Your vid is like a blast of the past for me, Thanks for sharing.