Did a video comparison of the 396XT and the PSR500

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Oct 8, 2005
Metro Atlanta
So I thoroughly tested a 396XT and a PSR500, and here is a video showing what I have posted about in the past. Guess which I kept?

Note: I am posting this here and on YouTube so that potential buyers of both these radios who live in an area with P25 trunking systems can know what to expect. There is a huge difference in what I experienced in over a week of testing with both radios.

While most scanner users are not "subscribers" to a system, I have been. After nearly a decade in law enforcement, I know what these radio systems are supposed to sound like. It's unacceptable to have so much traffic broken up. And several people insinuated that this just how scanners are, well...watch the video, you'll hear what I heard.

Uniden 396XT vs. GRE PSR500 on Cobb County P25 Digital Trunk - YouTube
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