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Dec 11, 2002
GENESEE (AP) - Six people are injured after the bus they were in rolled over to avoid a dead elk that was lying on I-70, near Genesee.

The accident occurred shortly before midnight.

Colorado State Patrol said the 2005 International bus swerved to miss the animal, which had been struck by a pickup truck. The driver lost control of the bus, hit an embankment and tipped over on its left side.

The elk was already dead and had been hit by a pickup truck about five minutes earlier. No one was injured in that crash, according to State Patrol.

Officers said 21 people were on the bus, which is registered to Sunset Luxury Limousine. Six people were transported to Saint Anthony's Central Hospital in Denver. Five were treated for minor injuries and were release. One woman is being held for observation for bumps, bruises and a head injury.

State Patrol identified the driver as Stephen Robertson, 31, of Longmont, adding that he was not cited, and speed or drugs were not factors in the accident.
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