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Different Antenna For A Uniden BearCat Scanner

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Feb 18, 2006
BEaver Dam, WIsconsin
I have an older Uniden Bearcat BC 145 XL desktop scanner, which I picked up at a garage sale. I would like to know if I can get a stronger anntena for it, which would fit it properly. I tried one of those longer telescopic antennas at Radio Shack, (The type that is shaped like a very tall capital "L" when it is fully extendeded) but it was a little bit too big. and the antenna for it now works well, but I need a stronger antenna. Is there a way I can get a different antenna for it? I have another desktop scanner, which I puirchased at Radio SHack, (the Pro 2018) and I have a much stronger antenna for that one because the area I live in has a lot of interference, which is a lot of static. I would adjust the squelch, and that will not help. However, when the frequency picks up a signal, I can hear them clear as a bell, but once they are done talking, the static noise comes back. Is there a way I can get a different antenna for it?
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