Different gain MIMO Antenna for data on 4GX

Dec 19, 2017
Building a mobile internet setup for in vehicle WIFI and has to be capable of streaming video.
I have a USB dongle that is powered on with the vehicle dual battery and relay and is connected to the Australian Telstra 4GX network.
The dongle accepts 2 external antenna to enable MIMO. I have the required pigtails for the connectors. Port one will be connected to the low profile antenna for the hilly areas where the tower drops out MIMO and goes back to SISO.
I am wanting to use 2 different gain mobile antennas. One mounted on the bullbar of the vehicle and on on the rollbar of the ute tray above the roof line.
the antenna are the following:
RFI CD7195 - 3G+4G+4GX Bullbar Mobile Antenna

RFI CSM700 Low Profile 3G+4G+4GX M2M Antenna - 700-2700MHz

Will this work having MIMO transmission of different gain antenna or do the antenna need to be matching gain, model and location on vehicle?