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Digital voice issue Jaguar 700P


Dec 31, 2005
I have an old Jaguar 700P that used to talk Aegis with other P7100's and ProVoice with other P7100/7200 radios.
Recently the Jaguar has been acting funny. When transmitting to other radios in Aegis or PV it works fine. However when the Jaguar is receiving Aegis or PV it sometimes just plays digital noise. Other times it receives OK. It is an intermittent issue. Not sure if the Jaguar alignment is out due to its age but it used to work. Or maybe it's an issue with the DSP code?

I'm asking for any feedback as to what the problem could be.

Jaguar 700P KRD (problem radio)
Flash Ver- S1R02A05
Flash ID- 4D6
DSP RAM- i4r05g01

Working radios:

Flash Ver- J2R15C01
DSP Ver- G4R06H01

Flash versions- R02a26, R06d13
DSP Versions- 18.2, 22.2


Mar 30, 2014
Have you tried reloading the original Flash S1R02A05 and DSP i4r05g01 files into the 700P? Not copies taken from the radio with RM. Just to rule out if either has become corrupted.
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Dec 31, 2005
Further testing shows the Jaguar only acts up when a p7100 with the flash and dsp version listed above transmits from close range.

The 7200's and the 7100's work fine together. The p7200's and the Jaguar work fine together regardless of the range.

I can try reloading the radio code and DSP code for the Jaguar and the p7100.


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Jul 3, 2003
South East Idaho
Probably close enough that the receiver is overloaded.
RPM programming document mentions a setting so radios next to each other are not affected like that.
Might be in digital deviation settings for the transmitting radio.
Another note is alignments are critical with these modes, check your alignments.