Dinosaur National Monument Radio Channels

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Apr 19, 2005
for starters - the mail address for the Dinosaur National Monument is 4545 Hwy 40 Dinosaur CO per their webpage. So lets assume that the HQ is in Colorado. The monument encompasses land in Utah and Colorado.

image.png - 2020 channel info for Dinosaur

Is it possible that 172.725 is the Craig BLM channel?

Can anyone confirm any of the 'NPS local' info? It shows that the local simplex channel is also used as the input to 2 repeaters which seems odd.

I wonder if the Dispatch Center in Vernal Utah is involved in this somehow. Didnt they have a good freq list online?

I am 45 minutes into this now and seem to be spinning my wheels.

RRDB shows 170.5125 PL 110.9 as their current 'direct'channel. Also - the RRDB shows 169.725R, 170.10R, and 171.5375R as the actual repeater output channels on the Dinosaur - all with 166.375 as the input.

2010 or 2013 info showed the 'NPS Work' channel to be 168.35.
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