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Nov 25, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
I have set up an Online Scanner Radio Chat server using Discord. The service, first intentioned for gamers provides voice and text chat. Over the past month, more "social" servers have been coming online.

This week I set up a server to discuss online scanning and talk about live feeds. Over the past two days working with a programmer, we have brought online "Scanner Radio" bot. The bot allows authorized users to send a !play command that will bring any Broadcastify feed online right within the interface.

There are several text chat rooms available. One to discuss scanning and anything currently streaming. Another room queries for any active alerts and posts them. Another is used to post relevant links, pictures, and information. On the voice end there are currently two rooms, the primary where the active stream is running and can also have users voice chatting, The second is setup for active incidents and will allow users to listen only. More channels can be created as needed. More feeds could be added if someone wanted to run the bot.

Last night we had 25+ members listening, and interacting during the Chicago protests. This was with very little pubic advertisement. I expect that number to grow during any major event.

If you wish to join please feel welcome; https://discord.gg/0eHKOKNSKGuAkgl4


Not open for further replies.