BCD536HP: Discovery mode can ignore timeout on multiple brief transmissions

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Jun 26, 2006
(I don't think this is the same issue people reported in 2014 with the HP-1 getting stuck on control channels, but apologies if it is.)

I've had a minor irritation with the way the Discovery feature works since I started using it in the past couple weeks: it seems to get 'stuck' on some frequencies, and Avoid may not work unless your timing is perfect. I do have a 10-second timeout set on Discover, but it can sit there for minutes at a time. I also have a 2-second delay / hang-time before it moves onto the next signal, and this seems to be the problem.

All of the cases where this happens for me are with extremely short transmissions; generally bursts of telemetry on the frequencies irritatingly sprinkled throughout the bands I'm trying to scan. In an example case, there are brief data bursts, perhaps 100ms, which occur once a second or so on a frequency used by a neighboring town's water metering system. (I didn't actually measure these times, so these are ballpark guesses.) The transmissions are too brief to unmute the speaker, which also seems to keep Avoid from working. I'm guessing that the 10-second time-out either doesn't start until the speaker unmutes, or stops counting in between transmissions, meaning that frequent, very-short data bursts can take many minutes to clear.

If I open squelch all the way, you'll hear the rush of static, a very brief data burst, and then static. After 10 seconds, the scanner moves onto the next frequency, or I can hit Avoid. Setting no delay on the discovery run also seems to prevent the problem, but isn't really what I want to do.

Upman, if you're reading: While I think this is a timer bug, it could be made a lot less irritating if you could hit Avoid even if there was no active signal.

Curious if this is a known issue or something Uniden has addressed? The workarounds I've found are annoying.
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