DMR freqs missing on regional page(s)

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Dec 13, 2012
Hey guys I'm pretty new to posting around here, but I could use some help clarifying the data on the regional page.

As many of you may know, the Uniden Home-Patrol series of scanners rely on to populate it's database automatically. However, I found that many of the DMR frequencies for our area, although cataloged on this site (example below), are not categorized to the region. When I first added the DMR unlock to my Uniden BCD436HP and used their directions just to test it out. Now that I have more time, I've been digging into the channels and that's where I started to have trouble.

TL;DR: Why don't all the DMR Frequencies that are in the database show up on the Regional/King County page (and in-turn Uniden Sentinel's database pulls)?

  • Looking at the King County page (linked above) under Education > Bellevue College you see one license/callsign (KXP589)
  • Searching the Licensee name "Bellevue College" shows 3 more callsigns that aren't listed including their DMR batch (WQJJ667)
  • Using the 'Download CSV File of All Identified Frequencies in King County' feature and searching for that FCC Callsign also shows that WQJJ667 isn't being included in the King County database.

So am I missing something here? I really don't want to have to keep track of and de-dupe the DMR channels if I don't need to be.
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