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DMR propagating into Pickens County some mornings


Mar 15, 2004
Sometimes the Clemson PD freq. of 453.925 gets hammered by DMR control channel traffic, this can have a disruptive effect on CPD comms. Even though the mode and pl mis-match is enourmous, some interference results when strong ducting phenomena occurs.

I have made several loggings of this traffic from the Pickens County area, and have discovered it comes from Jackson County, Georgia. The RR database does list a DMR control channel from one site there- (Jackson County, Ga.) -on the frequency of 453.925.
Ho-hum, just another propagation anomaly, but a mystery I had wanted to solve.


Jun 20, 2005
Travelers Rest, SC
Just for info. Pickens County Emergency Management has a 155.7225 Mhz frequency in the FCC database that shows both NB FM and DMR as emission modes. The repeater is shown as being at Glassy Mtn. If it is on the air, it should be easily heard.