BCDx36HP: DMR Talkgroup issue or programing problem

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Dec 19, 2002
NENM, Raton, Colfax County
I have recently upgraded my 536HP with the DMR upgrade and have programmed in a single channel DMR system as a DMR One Frequency, also as a simple conventional channel and am still scratching my head.
As a conventional channel the scanner will decode the audio and display the color code on the repeater tx frequency. It will not display or log in Proscan the TGID or the UID either. On the repeater input frequency or mobile transmit the scanner will decode the audio and show the TGID and UID for the system as well as the slot number in the conventional channel setup.
If I program the system as a DMR one frequency it will not display the TGID or UID nor will Proscan log either one. I have gone through the programming found in the forum for the DMR one channel and setup per the instructions however the scanner will not lock on or decode the audio of the repeater even if I put the TGID and UID in the setup.
I know the repeater should retransmit the TGID and UID but for some reason I am not seeing it so am I doing something wrong in the programming or do I need to redo the firmware update?

Why is the scanner not showing the TGID on the repeater tx frequency but is on the mobile transmit frequency?
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