BCD325P2: DMR Tier III Scanning

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Dec 19, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Is their any known issues with scanning TIII systems at this point with the 325? I'm at a customers site today who is running a Capacity Max TIII system (with RAS). I'd previously logged the system with DSD+ and used my Whistler WS-1088 to listen with no problems. Today I brought along my new 325 and I'm not hearing a peep. Scanning the system shows full signal on the control channel, but it doesn't identify anything as CON. While manually holding on the system frequencies I hear the DMR traffic ok (and it usually shows the proper CC) but I'm not seeing any talkgroup info at all. Holding on the control channel doesn't show the usual site # etc etc either. If I manually hold on a known pre-programmed talkgroup all I see is 'Finding CtrlChan' flashing on the display. I've got a Capacity Plus system nearby that seems to be working ok, but it definitely doesn't seem to like this TIII system.

Any tips greatly appreciated!
Not open for further replies.