Doing a little house cleaning in Alabama

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Jun 23, 2006
N.W. Florida
If you notice some changes over the next few days I'm going county-by-county cleaning up some of the outdated or incorrect information. Some of the things I'm looking for is

- missing and incorrect alpha tags
- lengthy or incorrect descriptions
- expired FCC licenses (I will check the frequency in use to see if a new license has been assigned. If not I will flag it.)
- depreciated channels
- incorrect service tags

I think you get the point from the above list. Now with all the counties there are in Alabama I'm sure I might make a mistake or two, I'm only human. This where you guys come in. If you see something wrong, accidentally delete, or what ever doesn't look right, then please let me know. Over the last year I have worked with several Alabama submitters over the phone and together we made real time corrections for their area. Those of you who talked to me can vouch for what we have accomplished. I just want to make the data as accurate as possible within the limits I'm allowed. I'll even PM my cell # so we can work on the issues together.


Note: I also wanted to add, if I do make a mistake I'm sure you'll let me know. We can both benefit from my mistake. I get a contact for that area and you now know who the admin was that screwed it up. :) I would also like those in the more rural counties to look over your areas and let me know what if the info is still correct. I would also like to know the missing CTCSS if possible. Like many of us, we tend to hold back our collection of frequencies.
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