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Dominion Power Signal (10) Codes

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On the subject of Power anybody remenber Reddy Kilowatt the power company's mascot.......uuum that was back in the 50's.

Here are the Dominion Power Signal Codes, enjoy

Radio Signal Codes
The word "SIGNAL" will precede each number when used on the air

1 Reporting On Duty 23 Connect Service
2 Reporting Off Duty 24 Disconnect Service
3 Away From Radio 25 Check Voltage
4 Reception Poor 26 Street Light Out
5 Reception Good 27 Job For Tomorrow
6 Speak More Clearly 27-A I Need Job Tomorow
7 Affirmative 28 Keep Radio On
8 Repeat 29 Check Meter Reading At___
10 Phone 30 No Hot Water
11 Relay Message To___ 31 Light Appliance
12 Weather 32 Check For Gas Leak
13 Any Message 33 Bad Gas Leak
14 Negative 34 No Gas
15 Location 35 Poor Pressure
15-A My Location Is___ 36 No Heat
16 Proceed To___ 37-39 Reserved For Future Use
16-A I Am Proceeding To___ 40 Reception Quality
17 When Will You Arrive 41-48 Reserved For Future Use
17-A Will Arrive___ 49 Cancel Call
18 I Have Emergency 50 Disconnect Service-No Contact
18-A Emergency Cleared 51 Disconnect Service-Delinquent
19 Partial Lights 52 Reconnect Service
20 No Service 54 Call System Operator
21 Wire Or Pole Down 70-79 Reserved For Future Use
22 Trouble Cleared_


Mar 7, 2004
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easier to read codes

If anyone wants to see a Virginia Power code listing that's easier to read, see the HRSP url in my signature below.

From the home page, use the drop down menus:
Miscellaneous>Virginia Power.

The list is toward the bottom of the page.
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