Don't donate to Wikipedia!

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If they paid people to do the edits I would have a problem with it, but they don't. In other words I have to break it down for you....FREE MONEY!
OH MY GOD! Somebody made some money by providing a service to everyone! Off with their head!:roll:

Did you bother to read the article?

The executive director makes a whopping $192,000. Quite modest in today's terms. And they even state where the money goes.

Primarily, it's being spent on new research and development programmes. These are outlined in the Wikimedia Foundation's Strategic Plan - and the next year's installment is outlined in detail here. [PDF, 850kb]
In case you didn't know, that is jobs.

Secondly, do you post radio help here? How much did you get paid? The site uses advertizing and also charges a membership for some services. Do you pay a membership for any wiki info? Do the good folks that post in the radio forums get paid for their help? The site(RR) has income.

Get real dude. You've gone commie.

It's perfectly acceptable to get paid for your work. Whether that money comes from advertisments, memberships, or good ol' fashioned donations.

For those that are willing to participate, for whatever reason and whether it's posting information on a forum or wiki, without compensation, there is nothing wrong with that either. If they don't want to post, they don't have to.


Check out Facebook or Twitter for companies making billions off of other peoples posts. That'll get your commie panties in a bind.:)
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