Dps 460.1875 151.4 pl

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Silent key.
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Dec 28, 2002
Ahwatukee, AZ (Phoenix)
I am noticing tonight that 460.1875 151.4 PL is patched with Metro East (460.200 100.0 PL) and Metro South (460.275 100.0 PL). It is common for Metro East and South to be patched in off hours, but this is the first time I have heard it with 460.1875. Something that is a little odd is that both dispatcher and mobiles come across on East and South, but the dispatcher can NOT be heard on 460.1875, only mobiles.

460.1875 was listed in the SWFD as "7 North Patrol". I have only heard it with radio techs and testing in 2014, but it has been silent since then. It has been in my everyday scan list since just waiting for it to be active again.

I wonder if this was a mistake in setting up the patch adding this channel, or if we might see this frequency come to life soon.
Not open for further replies.