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Dec 11, 2002
AURORA - One person was hospitalized with serious head injuries after two vehicles crashed while drag racing Monday.

Aurora Police say a red car and a grey Suburban were heading eastbound on East Yale Avenue where it curves into South Ventura Street just before the crashes.

Police say when they turned onto Ventura the red car was in the northbound lanes going the wrong direction.

A woman driving the right direction in the northbound lanes of Ventura pulled over and honked at the cars.

According to police, the red car apparently tried to get in front of the Suburban, clipped the SUV, and ended up crashing into a tree and into a yard.

The driver of the Suburban lost control and crashed into a light post, authorities said.

A passenger in the red car was transported to the hospital with serious head injuries. Police say the passenger was a minor.

Police say both drivers, who are adults, will be charged with drag racing and vehicular assault. Both are felonies.

None of the names of the people in the two vehicles were released.

Police say they do not believe alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash.

People who live in the area tell 9NEWS there is a constant problem with speeding and drag racing on Yale and Ventura.

"This sort of accident happens at least once a year," said Mary Pearson, a neighbor. "People speed around this curve, as well as race, side-by-side."

Pearson says the people living in the neighborhood have complained to police before.
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