Drive from YYT to Corner Brook

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Just back from a weekend in Corner Brook.

Spent a lot of time scanning but didn't do a lot of logging. I've submitted some changes and will likely submit a few more to the DB when I think on it.

One note is that Corner Brook area site (subsite 10) is not site 902 but just 1 now. From what I could see coming across and doing analyze when I could on my HP1 it looks as though they've called every site 001 but then are using Subsite to mark the individual sites, running low (west coast) to high (east coast).

Corner Brook is also on two channels, 160.2000 and 160.8000, both of which will rotate between being the active control channel and not, so you'll need them both. There are a couple of other sites in and around the area but I need to recheck the few notes I made before submissions.

Also of note is that RNC in Corner Brook have not switched to the p25 system and are still operating off one frequency (as noted in the DB, 155.2200 if memory serves correctly). They're using less security then some of the taxi cab companies in St. John's and just have one active frequency with PL codes (100.00 is all I saw used). This concerns me as given that the RNC in Corner Brook haven't jumped on the p25 network, it's entirely possible that the RNC in St. John's will not switch to p25 either.

The contrast between RNC and RCMP is funny. RNC -- rightfully so IMO -- use plain speak to communicate. I suspect they have a lot of interop with the FD and Ambo's out that way, since they can being on just an analog frequency with only NFM modulation, so the interoperability probably comes in handy. Not to get off on a tangent, but this is the way it should be.

Oddly, there was no mention of this in the interoperability report the government had commissioned a year or so ago.

I digress.

I saw one new talkgroup light up on the west coast, but only had a couple comms and nothing to determine what it is. I suspect disptach made an error because I then heard her on DeerLake's TG requesting the same info (status on a call) right after. My guess would be that it's simply an Admin channel.

Coming across the island is great though. I got p25 traffic from Come By Chance all the way out to my destination and it's so clear and wonderful. Compared to the EDACS system on the Avalon the p25 is like having them in the car with you.


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There's stuff that I found in September which are still open (un-worked) submissions waiting for a DB admin to deal with them.

Here's some more.

Site: 010-001 Corner Brook
County: Humber
Lat/Long: 48.9502,-57.951 - 20 miles
Freqs: 160.8, 160.2, 155.7, 155.88 (the two 160mhz freqs are CC capable)

Site: 011-001 Deer Lake
County: Humber
Lat/Long: 49.1833,-57.426 - 20 miles
Freqs: 160.53, 162.12 (both can be CCs)

Site: 014-001 Birchy Lake
County: Humber
Lat/Long: 49.27713,-56.8196 - 20 miles
Freqs: 160.53, 162.12 (both can be CCs)

Site: 027-001 Badger
County: Central Newfoundland
Lat/Long: 48.9776,-56.04139 - 20 miles
Freqs: 155.82, 155.88 (both can be CCs)

Site: 028-001 Grand Falls-Windsor
County: Central Newfoundland
Lat/Long: 48.9365,-55.6451 - 20 miles
Freqs: 155.7, 155.28, 159.69 (the last two can be CCs)

Site: 029-001 Green Bay South (South Brook)
County: Central Newfoundland
Lat/Long: 49.4284,-56.085 - 20 miles
Freqs: 152.13, 153.29, 155.28, 155.34, 155.97 (the 155 MHz freqs can be CCs)

Site: 030-001 Springdale
County: Notre Dame Bay
Lat/Long: 49.507,-56.07 - 20 miles
Freqs: 155.28, 155.34, 155.97 (all can be CCs)

Site 031-001 should be renamed "Norris Arm". Everything else is OK.

Site: 032-001 Appleton/Glenwood
County: Central Newfoundland
Lat/Long: 48.995,-54.87 - 20 miles
Freqs: 155.28, 155.64 (both can be CCs)

Site: 036-001 Musgrave Harbour
County: Notre Dame Bay
Lat/Long: 49.4166,-53.964 - 20 miles
Freqs: 155.97 (CC)

Site 049-001's county is Bonavista/Trinity.

Sites to be deleted: 1-901, 1-902, 1-905 (superseded by corrected sites above)

Merge sites 1-903 and 1-904 into one site (the two frequencies are both part of one site). Don't know the real site number as of yet. I would suggest using either 1-903 or 1-904 for now. Delete the other of the two.


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Excellent work Jay. Very very good work. It's difficult enough to just do what I was doing and scan/add on the fly without any notation so all your leg work is greatly appreciated as always.

There's another site out near Corner Brook, 159.1200. Unfortunately I do not have it noted anywhere what subsite it was. :/ Same goes for 155.6400 I think it was. Was barely pulling them in with a 18" spectrum wideband sitting at Marble Mountain.

note to self: The 160.200 and 160.800 should have a range of 30 as well. In fact, most of the sites have good range imo and could be all be 30.

The new tg I caught was 593.

I have submissions in the queue from a couple weeks back and knowing now that you do too, I'm going to wait till they're all gone through and posted before tinkering :)

Just give me a heads up when all your submissions are edited.

I wish they'd just allow people to be assigned "Caretakers" of their respective local DB's. All your info below would of been very handy to have on my part this weekend. :-/


Looks like they've made an error in your submission.

1 (1) 010 (A) Corner Brook Humber District 160.53000c 162.12000c
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