DSD+ audio input and output device order changes

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Jan 30, 2010
The audio input and output device order in DSD+ can change sometimes which makes it a pain if you are running multiple instances with multiple virtual audio cables with Trunking Recorder. The order typically only changes when you add or remove audio devices and reboot your computer.

I created a DSDLauncher console application that allows you to pass in the audio device name and it will look up the current device number. It then launches DSDPlus.exe for you, this way you can setup your batch files and won't need to edit them every time the order changes.

To use DSDLauncher you just place the program in the same folder that contains DSDPlus.exe and modify your batches to call DSDLauncher.exe and pass in the audio device name as displayed in DSDPlus. DSDLauncher will convert the names into numbers and then launch DSDPlus passing in all the other options you specified.

Example: DSDLauncher.exe -i"Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)" -o"Line 2 (Virtual Audio Cable)" -f1 -e -O NUL
Note: If the audio device name or parameter value contains a space you must add double quotes around the value.

DSDLauncher requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

DSDLauncher can be downloaded from http://www.scannerbox.us/TrunkingRecorder/DSDLauncher.zip

I wasn't able to test every DSDPlus command line option so if you find a set that isn't passed correctly let me know.
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