DSD+ Fastlane 2.176 file needed...

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Jun 5, 2009
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Fastlane release 2.176 came with a file R1a.bat and R1.bat which allows you to do p25 trunking with just one sdr. For some reason I skipped downloading this release a while back thinking newer releases have any files needed that old releases came out with. It wasn't until i saw a video tonight that I realized if you miss one release you could miss out on a little gem. I have to wonder have I missed out on other files by not installing every fastlane release that came out. I tried to go back in my email but the file no longer will let me download. To make things worse the programmer says not to email questions and to just post here so I was wondering if anyone can tell me where to get these bat files or anyone know another way I can contact the programmer for Dsd+?
Not open for further replies.