DSD+ Fastlane on Harris P25 ?


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Jun 23, 2004
You can decode the San Angelo system because it is P25. You could not decode EDACS because DSD doesn't do older analog technologies like EDACS or SmartNet / Smartzone. Some Harris P25 systems do seem to be more difficult to achieve a quality decode than others, unclear if it is an equipment / infrastructure issue, or a system engineering issue.


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Dec 5, 2006
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Some 2015 posts state that DSD+ Fastlane will not follow EDACS, but I have the San Angelo, TX system loaded and it is doing a decent job on the current Harris P25 system (previously was EDACs analog) albeit with some distortion to voice quality.

Question: any way to improve this?

Thank you

System: San Angelo (P25) Trunking System, San Angelo, Texas - Scanner Frequencies
Are you using FMP* + DSDPlus TCP-linked together? If you are, make sure your bandwidth in FMP* is set to 12.5 if you are monitoring a simulcasts system, or 9.5 if not. If you are using something like SDRSharp or SDRUno and piping that audio into DSDPlus (not the preferred method), then you will want to enable the PSK optimizations in DSDPlus -- and will still want to make sure you are set to FM and 9500 to 12500 bandwidth in the SDR software.

I have never had troubles monitoring a Harris P25 system using DSDPlus with 100% decode. If you are having issues with decode, you might want to grab some raw audio (press 'r' in DSDPlus to enable raw audio recording) of about a minute of traffic. Then press 'r' in DSDPlus again to disable the raw audio recording. Then upload that raw audio recording to someplace so that the DSDPlus Author can grab it. The author can't fix what isn't known to be broken. In general, nobody monitoring a Harris P25 system (simulcast or standalone site) with FMP* and DSDPlus TCP-linked together should have any difficulty whatsoever as long as the signal strength is good.

That's my opinion at least.