DSD+ want: Per-call audio files

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Oct 31, 2010
Portland, Oregon
I would really like it if DSD+ could crate new audio files each call (as in when the data stream is lost and "Sync: no sync" is output, or when control channel data is seen) and name them using the date, time, talk group # and radio #. I can see that the program can detect the group/radio #s on a P25 voice channel.

Also, I don't see the radio numbers of a radio-to-radio individual call in the output like I can for a group call. Is that a program limitation, or does this information not exist on the voice channel?

I would pay $$ if DSD+ could create datetime-talkgroup-radio.mp3 (or datetime-radio1-radio2.mp3) files (and at a decent bit rate).

I know DSD+ isn't open source like DSD is, but DSD can only use the default audio output device and I think takes more processing power.
Not open for further replies.