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Nov 22, 2016
It seems from time to time people need these files either because they got deleted, or wish to reset them or no longer have the archive that they came in.

While the major ones can be extracted from from the DSDPlus v1.101 public release, others where supplied in the various fastlane updates over the years and generally require you to go through a bunch of fastlane archives to find them.

For convenience, I have added an archive of all these basefiles from the public and fastlane releases so they can all be found in one place.
All these files are the unmodified versions as supplied from the various DSDPlus releases.

Here are the files that are included:
  • DSDPlus.frequencies
  • DSDPlus.groups
  • DSDPlus.networks
  • DSDPlus.P25data
  • DSDPlus.radios
  • DSDPlus.siteLoader
  • DSDPlus.sites
  • FMP24.ScanList (normally not supplied)
  • FMPA.ScanList (normally not supplied)
  • FMPP.ScanList (normally not supplied)
  • FMP24.SurveyList
Also supplied are:
  • The default FMP/FMP24/FMPA/FMPP.cfg, FMP-Map.cfg, LRRP.cfg, Survey.cfg files.
  • The default CC/VC/1R/1Ra batch files (.bat) for DSDPlus.
  • The default CC/VC batch files (.bat) for FMP/FMP24/FMPA/FMPP.

In the archive (ZIP) I have separated them into folders depending on the release of DSDPlus you use.

See 'basefiles_readme.txt' for details about the archive.

No EXE/DLL files are supplied in archive.
Information about their latest versions and which fastlane version they where supplied with are detailed in the file 'basefiles_readme.txt'.

Contact DSDPlus directly for any problems you have with the EXE/DLL files from the fastlane releases.
Do not ask for them in the forum as no one will give them to you.

If I've missed any of the files let me know and I'll updated it.


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Thank you for this. You had a few files I didn't have. I assume I never had these files because they were released prior to when I signed up for fastlane. So again, thanks.
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