DSDplus decode errors

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Sep 24, 2007
I've conferred with another Fast Lane user and we're both experiencing what we believe may be decode errors on a certain system. This is a Connect Plus system and I'm monitoring one of the voice repeaters (i.e. this is not the repeater with the control channel slot) directly without setting up DSDplus in trunking mode.
From dsdplus.event:
2016/06/20  01:01:07  DSD+ 2.10 / Fast Lane Release
2016/06/20  13:45:59  OVCM Group call; TG=11804414  RID=11992035   Slot=1 Pri2  1s
2016/06/20  13:46:17  Group call; TG=8067883  RID=6263485   Slot=1 Pri3
2016/06/20  13:46:17  Enc Private call; Tgt=12012700  Src=8108495   Slot=1
2016/06/20  13:46:33  Group call; TG=8067875  RID=15638205   Slot=1 Pri3  1s

Both the TG/RID pattern of this system should always be in the 119nnnnn range. I have the output of -v4 here. I don't have saved audio as this only occurs once every hour or two during busy times.

Is there any data I can provide to help figure out why this is happening?

Besides the OVCM Group call, we're also seeing:
  • Bcast Group call
  • Bcast OVCM Group call
  • Emerg Bcast OVCM Group call
  • Emerg Bcast Private call
  • Emerg Enc Bcast Group call
  • Emerg Enc Bcast OVCM Group call
  • Emerg Enc Group call
  • Emerg Group call
  • Enc Bcast Group call
  • Enc Bcast OVCM Group call
  • Enc Group call
  • OVCM Private call
Some of those may not be decode errors but are generally not par for the course.


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Dec 5, 2006
Carroll Co OH / EN90LN
Record raw audio of the event (using the 'R') option. I know you said that it happens infrequently, but I think Raw Audio is probably what the author would want.

Capture raw audio of the event, and upload it to a file sharing site and share the link in the forum. Or, maybe you can send it to dsdplusfastlane@gmail.com, but only if it is less than 25 MB in size. If you compress it, compress it as a zipfile and then rename the .ZIP to .ZAP before sending.

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